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The social trading app to enhance your trading experience.
Powered by Pelican Trading.
Discover trading communities and learn from experts.
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  • All-in-one platform
    Connect your IC Markets MT4 Live Account and start trading within a community.
  • Copy Trading
    Analyse, learn, share and replicate strategies of fellow traders.
  • Signal Trading
    Traders may choose to provide trade signals such as price entry, entry date and time.
  • IC Social Community
    Access to professional traders and trading communities, allowing you track and analyse their performance.
  • Risk Copy Management
    Copy trading risk management at its finest.
  • Instant Messaging
    Chat and share ideas with fellow traders.
  • Inverse Trade
    Challenge a friend's trade or inverse each other's trades in real-time.
  • Technology
    IC Social, powered by Pelican Trading, sets a new standard of social trading technology with mobile apps on Android and iOS.
trading room
  • Activity & Feed
    Follow or create your own trading group. Get real time updates on your feed.
  • Interactive Profiles
    Interact between profiles. Easily view monthly returns, profitability, markets traded and more.
  • Messaging and Sharing
    Share strategies and post questions to group chats or send them to professional traders.
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Create an IC Markets account
  • Supporting Documentation should be uploaded such as ID and proof of residence. AML Policy
  • Once approved, connect your MT4 trading account to IC Social and Deposit Funds
  • If you already have a live MT4 account, please proceed to step 2.
Connect your live account to IC Social
  • Link an IC Markets account to IC Social by entering the account login details within the IC Social app.
  • Choose your preferred trader from a large collection and begin your copy trading experience.
Link your live account with IC Social and connect with a community of traders.
* Pelican Exchange Limited is the Designated Representative of the London and Eastern LLP authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”) with registration numbers FCA 739090 and 534484.
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